The brand new Professional Doctorate for Leisure Tourism & Hospitality


Professional Doctorate LTH

Why is it so great?

Find out all about this program on this website and don’t forget to read the Program Document.

Passion for research?

Do you have a passion for leisure, tourism or hospitality? Are you inquisitive and passionate about research? In possession of a master degree or similar level?

Your new challenge!

Then, the brand new professional doctorate of seven Universities of Applied Sciences in the LHT domain is your new challenge.


The PD program is a professional program training where candidates become highly- skilled inquisitive professionals who ‘learn to make interventions in complex business practices’ at EQF level 8.


As a PD candidate you develop as a person, as a professional and as an innovator. Furthermore, you make a relevant contribution to society and the LTH domain with the results of your research.

Professional Doctorate for Leisure Tourism & Hospitality is an initiative of